A Very Curly Christmas
April 24, 2020
What to do, Maisy Drew?
April 25, 2020

Bing & Nero: Boy+Robot=Fun” by I.L. Willams

“The perfect story for every kid who has ever wanted their own robot.”

Share a day with an inventive young boy in a story that celebrates creativity, friendship and fun! Bing wants a dog. But his mother says a dog is out of the question. What´s a young boy in need of a friend to play with on a boring Saturday morning to do? Why, make his own friend! And what a friend his new creation is!
The product of Bing´s rich imagination and household junk from the basement, Nero is a metallic wonder. From the moment he is switched on, the house is filled with fun! And when they take to the sky for a late afternoon flight, boy and robot are in for a joyous ride that celebrates their friendship.

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