Because I’m Awesome!

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November 24, 2021
December 11, 2021

“Because I’m Awesome! A Trail of Fun: Autism Children’s Book Series” by Brenda Wada

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“Because I’m Awesome! A Trail of Fun” is a heartwarming story about a precocious boy Joshua, who has High-functioning Autism. He is hyper-focused on what he’s doing, which today is making a mess and staying one step ahead of his mom. He is a whirlwind of a kid racing through the house with such a zest for life and a ton of energy. When asked why he does what he does, this clever boy replies with a brilliant answer, “Because I’m Awesome!”
“Because I’m Awesome! A Trail of Fun” This is the first in a series of books that tell the heartfelt stories of Joshua, a boy with high-functioning Autism. These books share stories of his experiences including hyperactivity, sensory overload, and many other adventures.

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