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November 26, 2020
Kids Workbook 2
November 29, 2020

“Around the World with Unicorns: A Fun Coloring and Activity” by Blue Pencil

Do you have kids and want to help train their imagination to think fast and smart with a simple yet powerful book?

Are you looking for an entertaining yet fun way to teach your kids about places and landmarks of the world?

Do you want to occupy your children with a book that buys their attention for hours and gives you the freedom to spend time with them as a family?

Then worry no more. This book guarantees hours of fun for your kids! Filled with beautiful coloring pages, crosswords, matching objects, and word searches, this children’s book follows the unicorns to different places as he is on a quest to discover the landmarks and where they are in the earth.

For a perfect family bonding time or travel, this book is what you need. This book will make a great light-hearted fun tool for older kids and a nice way to stretch the minds of the younger ones. Waste no time, scroll up, buy it as a gift for your kids, or share it with friends.

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