Animals And Their Secrets

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January 15, 2021
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January 19, 2021

Animals And Their Secrets” by Mr.P Publishing

Secrets of the Animals

  • 58 pages of interesting facts about animals
  • Fantastic Activity Book
  • Your child will be delighted
  • Facts you had no idea about
  • Explore the animal world
  • These amazing facts about the animal world are sure to amaze you
  • Drawing part
  • The diversity of the animal world continues to amaze and fascinate
  • A great opportunity to spend time with your child
  • 8,25” x 8,25”, glossy cover

This book is a collection of fun facts about animals with illustrations. Created with children in mind. Great for stimulating the imagination. Animal curiosities will bring you and your child closer to the wonderful world of nature. This book teaches while having fun. You won’t leave it until you read it to the end.

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