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November 1, 2021
Fire Ants
November 1, 2021

“Amazing Adventure of Ruby: Do You See Me?” by Pamela Ray Jackson

The little girl Ruby is on an adventure to share her love with others. She finds herself with a difficult problem. She discovers that another child does not like her. She must find a way to deal with it to make it better. As Ruby discovers the best way to handle it. The reader goes along with her finding a way to deal with prejudice from a child. As Ruby tries to understand the reason why there is prejudice against her. She works hard to express what they have in common even though they are different. Understanding how to develop multicultural friendships and remove prejudice for a child is complex. Ruby finds the best way to address this concern. She shows how to express love for others and working to improve barriers that can exist will open up this relationship. We are working to create friendships that can last a lifetime as we understand each other and show how to spread love.

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