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March 20, 2021
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“Alphabet Workbook: Letters, Colors and Animals!” by Joyce Karanka

Get your Kid “Alphabet Ready”!

“Alphabet Workbook: Letters, Colors, and Animals!” is an Interactive Workbook Designed To Assist Your Kid To Make The First Steps In Writing And Reading!
Focusing on three primary sections (Building Lines, Learn to Write Letters and Activities), this book uses entertaining methods and practices to trigger your kid’s interest in letters and turn the learning process into a pleasant one.
Here Are 3 Reasons Why Children Love And Parents Choose This Alphabet Workbook:
• Hands-On Learning:
Using lines and curbs, the workbook helps your kid learn new hand motions.
• Learn to Write The Letters:
This educational book will teach your kid how to write each letter. 156 rows of practice to help your kid master the art of writing letters through tracing the letters and writing them.
• Exercise What You Have Learned:
The book includes also several activities based on the alphabet like finding, spelling, and writing the missing letter.

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