The SKS 7.62 x 39: The Soviet M1 Carbine, And Predecessor to the AK-47
November 5, 2017
November 5, 2017

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What little girl would not want to be a mermaid? What little mermaid would not want to go to a tea party? The mermaids in Mermaid Maggie’s school were given a lesson in thoughtfulness and good manners by their teacher Miss Crandall. Miss Crandall took the opportunity of a tea party to teach her mermaids more than just how to pour tea. They learned that by adding loving kindness to all that they do, they could make a party out of any occasion. This book is for every little girl who would like to know about being courteous and having good manners. A tea party is the perfect occasion. Delightfully told, this story will fill your child with self-confidence as she gathers important tools in the realm of social behavior. Charming characters and lovely, colorful images dance across the pages as the story is told. Any child will be enchanted. *Over 25 adorable illustrations. *Underwater images of dolphins, eels, and colorful fish.


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