Simple Addition Workbook: Ages 4, 5 and 6: Featuring BONUS Coloring Pages at the end (Pre-K Math Activities-8 x 11 Size-Great for Preschoolers) (Volume 3)

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November 11, 2017
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November 11, 2017

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This simple addition workbook features 30+ pages of practice addition activities for children ages 4,5 and 6. Children who have a strong foundation with addition tend to do better as they progress and learn how to solve more difficult math problems. This is why addition is so important in the early years. Children can quickly gain confidence as they learn how to count and extra practice = Success. This book requires some reading activities combined with math and tracing activities as well. There are also 20+ pages of bonus coloring pages at the end of the book.

Types of Activities in this Book

Question and Answer Format

Some of the activities feature question and answer type of activities so some children may need help reading the directions or you can read it to them. For instance some pages feature several objects such as oranges or apples. The question at the top of the page might say something like, “How Many Fruits Do you see?” The child can then put the number of fruits in a box next to the picture.

The activities progress into more advanced pictures with characters jumbled up so the child needs to focus and count each one before putting in their answer. For instance, there is a page in this book featuring several cats cuddled up and hidden in a bush. Some of the cats are sleeping and some of them are very animated. There are also addition focused question and answering coloring pages as well, so kids can color each character as they count them.

Connect the Animals or Things with the Number

These pages are fun for kids because they can count out each object and then draw a line across the page to the matching number. Kids are instructed to count each set with the number that goes with it.

Fill in Missing Numbers

Some pages featuring activities with numbers displayed on pumpkins or other objects in a sequence and kids are instructed to fill in the missing numbers.

Circle Objects that are Different

Some of the activities also feature a variety of objects. Kids can count these and then they are instructed to circle the things that are different.

Counting and Tracing

Many of the other pages featuring counting activities where kids count the objects in a row and then place the number of objects in that row in a box at the end of the page. There are also animals, food and other things for kids to count and trace.

Coloring Pages

Additionally, there are 20+ Bonus **JUST for FUN** coloring pages at the back of the book.

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