“Mos & Quito: Go on a Vacation” by Gimac McNack

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Mos and Quito are two very special mosquitos who are going on crazy adventures again and again. They look very similar to each other. But if you look very closely, then you will be able to recognize them by the letter on their t-shirt. Mos and Quito are originally from Mexico.
“Do you know what I would like, Mos?”, Quito said all starry eyed. “I would like to go to Greenland and spend every day in the sun while lying in a hammock”.

“No loco (Spanish) , no silly” said Mos to Quito. “That’s not possible at all. In Greenland it’s sometimes even colder than a freezer in a fridge. We are going somewhere where it’s always warm. We are going to a tropical country!”

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AMAZING Elephants! A children’s book with fun facts and pictures” by Nancy Williams

Looking for a fun, educational book for children about elephants? 

AMAZING Elephants! will engage and teach all young readers about the wonderful world of elephants and share amazing facts and brilliant real-life pictures of elephants in action.

Learn about:

  • What elephants eat
  • Where they live
  • How big they are
  • Their amazing memories
  • Baby elephants

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My Brother’s Lion” by Joshua Burleson

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My Brother’s Lion is a story about the friendship between a little boy and his magical stuffed lion. Together they embark on an epic journey to fix a broken constellation and repair the night sky.
While being a fun bedtime adventure, the story was also designed to open a discussion about the loss of a loved one with a child.

Written and Illustrated by a grieving father, for a son that never got the chance to live his grand adventure.

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“The Adventures of Bumble the Bee (3 Book Series)” by RK Wheeler

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Bumble is the cutest bug you’ll ever meet. Adorned with beautiful full color images of bees, bugs and barnyard animals these picture books will entertain and uplift your little ones. Bumble can’t fly in book 1, but his old granny helps him overcome his fears and he goes from teased to hero. In book 2, Bumble helps defend the hive from the Beetle King and his army. In book 3, Chicken Tales, Bumble tells the baby bees about the chickens that live across the road. Watch out for that mean ole rooster!
These nursery rhymes also come with puzzles, mazes and coloring pictures if you buy the paperback books. Narrated as a series by Alexia Hodgkin Cross and Hem Cleveland.

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“The Heritage: The Legend of the American Eagle” by Dauren M. Asylgazy

The Heritage

Humanity’s connection with nature is dwindling. Long ago, people worked with nature for survival. One of the most majestic ways to hunt was with birds of prey.

Delve into an old Native American tale about the origin of hunting with these cunning birds. Discover the legend of a young hunter forced to improvise for survival and read how he creates a sacred bond with his eagle.

The tale will inspire you to reach out to nature again, and appreciate all it has to offer the mind and spirit and awaken your heart to true patriotism.

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“Mom the Monster Master” by Jason Miller

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With the flick of a switch and a blink of an eye, a day with mom goes from ordinary to extraordinary for a little boy… and his imagination!


“Visually-engaging” This is a fun little children’s book with lots of action in the illustrations. The book does a great job of capturing how the imagination of a child would look at the refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, or garbage disposal, and dream up monsters working inside!~James M. Taylor

“Short and sweet – the kids love it.” Such a cute story – the kids ask me to read it every night. My 6 year old is starting to read it to me too!~Christina Brinker

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“Funny Jokes For Kids” by Wendell Wilkins

Funny Jokes For Kids is filled with one liners that will have children bowling over with laughter. It is written for kids to enjoy a break from structured school readings. In other words,have some fun reading and laughing!

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The Angry Fire Breathing Shark That Saved The 12 Days Of Christmas” by Susan Summers

The Angry Fire Breathing Shark that Saved the 12 Days of Christmas is an exciting children book that every child should read and will enjoy. It is a fantasy story about the 10-year old Anna, and her experience in a family of mother, step-father and one younger brother. Anna stumbles on a glowing stone and a shark, and this experience alters her life as she soon realizes that she has been chosen to save the twelve days of Christmas. Although she does not at first believe in her calling, she soon finds herself filling her destiny, overcoming certain creatures for there to be a successful and peaceful Christmas.

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