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November 3, 2021

The Great Unknown Monster

“The Great Unknown Monster: Overcome the fear of the unknown and learn how to train your inner voice!” by Whit T. Humour | Website | Is […]
October 27, 2021

In My Home We Believe

“In My Home We Believe” by Odessa Stevens and Illustrated by Andrea Moore | Instagram | In My Home We Believe addresses important issues that children […]
October 25, 2021

The Amazing Nest

“The Amazing Nest” by Lily, Illustrated by Ben. Latif | Instagram | Our story is about a beautiful parrot and a special nest. What is its […]
September 25, 2021

Halloween Scissors Skills

“Halloween Scissors Skills: Preschool Activity Book for Kids” by Maria Abrenica It’s HALLOWEEN! It’s Time for little kids to enjoy and bring new out of their […]
August 25, 2021

The Majestic Cheetah

“The Majestic Cheetah” by Anoushka & Ariv Karve Let us take you on a journey to learn more about Cheetahs. In this non-fiction children’s book, the […]
July 15, 2021

Mulani Moneybags Starts A Business

“Mulani Moneybags Starts A Business” by Kelly Wallace and Mulani Ellington | Website | Interview | A fun and delightful story that teaches young readers about […]
June 24, 2021

Early Learner K – 2

“Early Learner K – 2: Learn to Read, Write and Count Workbook” by Denese Bryan Lessons in this workbook help build a foundation in letter recognition, counting, […]
May 17, 2021

Children’s Bedtime Stories

Get Your Copy for Only $0.99! “Children’s Bedtime Stories: Animal Superheroes Saving the Planet” by Sophia Sweet | YouTube | Children’s Bedtime Stories: Animal Superheroes Saving […]
May 7, 2021


“DotLand: The Politics of America” by C. L. Buchanan This new illustrated children’s book about “DotLand” calls for a better educated and more informed electorate in […]