Little Tykes & Tots Book Club

October 5, 2020

Bubba in Phantom Weenie

“Bubba in Phantom Weenie” by Greg LeFrancis This spooktacular story follows our three weenie dog friends, Bubba, Hannah, and Amber, and their bird buddy, Yellow Boy […]
October 3, 2020

Moni Monster Meets Inga the Giraffe

“Moni Monster Meets Inga the Giraffe” by G May When Moni Monster visits Inga the Giraffe in the African Savanna, they are in for a big […]
October 3, 2020

Moni Monster Saves A Baby Monkey

“Moni Monster Saves A Baby Monkey” by G May When Nabe, the little monkey, wanders into the jungle in search of a friend, he is only […]
September 27, 2020

Pony Adventures

“Pony Adventures (Adventures with Sophie Book 1)” by Stacha Lynette Let’s go on an exciting adventure with a sweet little girl named Sophie as she learns […]
September 26, 2020

The Environment With The Black Child

“The Environment With The Black Child: Direct But Perfect” by Gerardo Mejia How Sadie rose above the bullies! The story of a beautiful little girl who […]
September 8, 2020

Suzi Poop

“Suzi Poop: The Hungry Seagull” by Steven Scanlan | Facebook | Amazon CA | Amazon US | Suzi is a seagull, she lives on a busy […]
September 7, 2020

Monster Activity, Games and Puzzle Book

“Monster Activity, Games and Puzzle Book” by  Time Fillers | Sample | This monster monster book of games, puzzles, and coloring is just that – a […]
September 6, 2020

The Dragon Squad of Aurora Mountain

“The Dragon Squad of Aurora Mountain” by Rockthaniel Hayden | Website | Rockthaniel DOES, what Disney DOESN’T! When dragons and their magic are not always terrible […]
September 3, 2020

Two Little Kittens Home Alone

“Two Little Kittens Home Alone” by Stephen Eagles This is a tale of two little kittens, who are left home alone one day. Throughout the day, […]