Farm Boy” by Nata Lapa

How organic farm is operated. Spend one day with Adrian and Melker at their grandparent’s farm in Jonkoping, Sweden.

Farm Boy is based on a real organic dairy farm run by Dennis and Carina Jorgensen since 1984. They have 4 kids and many grandchildren, in this book you will meet two of them. The farm has 35 milking cows, 63 young cows and bulls, a flock of chickens, and a dog. The location of the fam is Jonkoping, Sweden.

You are more then welcome to visit the farm and to stay at Dennis and Carina’s guest house.

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“The Princesses’ Big Adventure: That’s what friend’s do” by Brady Flygare

It’s a brand new, sunny summer day, and Princess Piper and Ellie Cupcakes the royal princesses are ready for another one of their epic adventures. They call their loyal horse, Bubbles the Horse and he takes them deep in the forest near the beautiful lake. There, they run around, enjoy the sun and throw rocks in the water. But that causes an accident and Sawyer the Shark is not happy! Luckily, Captain Cooper hears the commotion and comes to help. Sometimes accidents lead to happy outcomes.

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A life with Joy” by Deja Oneke Hillis

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Joy is different from most kids her age; she faithfully wears a hearing aid in each ear, despite being profoundly deaf. Although she deals with the struggle of being accepted by other kids, she learns she has the power to bring joy into her life, one day at a time! This special book features vivid illustrations with beautiful colors, as well as meaningful messages for young children. After reading this book, children will leave with the theme of appreciation and high self-esteem, no matter their circumstances!

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“Once “a pun” a Time: A guide for reading and telling jokes” by Wolf Cub Chlo

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If laughing is free medicine then why are so many people sick? As a young author, I love to smile and laugh and want to help you do the same. Take some time to smile today and learn some tips and tricks along the way to help you share the gift with others.

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Dinosaur Dreams” by Alexander Kelley

Greyson loves dinosaurs. They’re his favorite thing on earth. Big or small, he loves playing with dinosaurs all day long. But now that it’s bedtime, does that mean that it’s the end of his dinosaur adventures?

This bedtime story spotlights the power of imagination and looking at dreams as a child’s nighttime adventure.

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“The Happiness Jewel: Magic Power Girl Adventure” by J.R.R.R. (Jim) Hardison

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The Happiness Jewel has been stolen! Now the Good Kingdom is starting to smell BAD! Worse, the whole kingdom will get sad and lose all its color unless someone can save the day. Looks like a job for Magic Power Girl! But can she find out who stole the jewel? And if she does, will she be able to get it back? And will that wicked crocodile, McButtlefut, try to eat her again? Join Magic Power Girl on her first-ever adventure!

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Susie and the Dandelions” by Ana Cybela

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A heart-warming and inspiring story to help kids cope with their feelings during separation and divorce.
Susie’s parents are divorced. She can’t understand why they don’t all live in the same house anymore, and she gets tired of travelling between two homes all the time. What’s more, Susie loves dandelions, and she doesn’t know why her dad doesn’t like having them in his lawn.
But with the help of her dog Pappi, she might just be able to show her dad why dandelions are so lovely… and along the way, she’ll learn some important lessons about how, even though her parents are separated, they still love her just as much as before.
With a heartwarming and adorable message, this beautifully-illustrated children’s story seeks to help kids navigate through the difficult emotions which may arise during separation and divorce. Intended to help children understand this often-confusing time in a way that they can relate to, Susie and the Dandelions also invites parents to put their children’s emotional well-being first, no matter their differences.
Book details:
• Features a Lovely Story With Gorgeous Illustrations
• Ideal For Boys and Girls of All Ages, Especially 4-8
• Great For Bedtime Stories, Reading Aloud, and Group Reading
• Carries an Encouraging Message To Help Ex-partners Give Up Their Differences For The Happiness of Their Children
• Makes a Thoughtful Gift For Any Child Struggling To Cope With Separation and Divorce
So, if you’re searching for a delightful story to help your child understand their emotions and work through negative feelings in the wake of a separation or a divorce, then this book is for you. With loveable characters and a charming story, this book will quickly become a treasured addition to your bookshelf.

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“Around the World with Unicorns: A Fun Coloring and Activity” by Blue Pencil

Do you have kids and want to help train their imagination to think fast and smart with a simple yet powerful book?

Are you looking for an entertaining yet fun way to teach your kids about places and landmarks of the world?

Do you want to occupy your children with a book that buys their attention for hours and gives you the freedom to spend time with them as a family?

Then worry no more. This book guarantees hours of fun for your kids! Filled with beautiful coloring pages, crosswords, matching objects, and word searches, this children’s book follows the unicorns to different places as he is on a quest to discover the landmarks and where they are in the earth.

For a perfect family bonding time or travel, this book is what you need. This book will make a great light-hearted fun tool for older kids and a nice way to stretch the minds of the younger ones. Waste no time, scroll up, buy it as a gift for your kids, or share it with friends.

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Little One Wants a Little More” by Sagi Naimi

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‘Little One Wants a Little More’ was inspired by the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, which showed that children who learn gratification strategies are better able to cope with life’s challenges as adults.

‘How can we raise children who are better able to tackle life’s challenges?’

According to Walter Mischel’s book ‘The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control’: acquiring delayed gratification skills in childhood can predict a person’s future success. And anyone can develop these skills.

Which would you choose?

Is it better to eat a yummy treat now or wait two hours and get twice as much? Emma has to find out when her mum sets her a chocolate bar challenge.

Young readers will relate to this fun and accessible story of a girl learning impulse control through play.

‘Little One Wants a Little More’ is a wonderful picture book that explains gratification strategies to children.

Let it be an enjoyable lesson for your little one.

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“Pony Adventures (Adventures with Sophie Book 1)” by Stacha Lynette

Let’s go on an exciting adventure with a sweet little girl named Sophie as she learns to make lots of new friends!

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“The Environment With The Black Child: Direct But Perfect” by Gerardo Mejia

How Sadie rose above the bullies!
The story of a beautiful little girl who is getting bullied at school and has many question as to why. Luckily she has a great mother who always has the answers to her questions.

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