With the creation of book clubs for adults, it’s no wonder that our children are wondering: “Where is our Book Club?”  But with homework, sports, and much more competing for your child’s time (and yours), the idea of setting aside a couple of hours every month to discuss books can be time consuming in itself. Consider this, that book clubs for kids can help you:

  • get closer to your child/ren
  • share different aspects of their life
  • expand your conversations beyond “How was school today?”
  • provide insight into your child’s life, their peers, and how they think

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Featured Books

The Adventures of Roberto and El Grande

When a lonely orphan boy becomes friends with a huge, noisy rooster, he learns to get rid of the chip on his shoulder and to fight for those who cannot help themselves. Roberto and El Grande travel together along with a little hen named Esmeralda, and find trouble, danger and excitement along the way.

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“Lena’s Happiness Secrets: Mindful Moments and Meditation with Your Kid” by Nilay Erdem

Lena is sharing happiness and mindfulness techniques with your kid. This book will help your kid to find more reasons to be happy. This will be placing a tool for life in their toolbox.
Lena’s Happiness Secret can take its place among the other books you read to your child to help her to grow up as a happy individual in contact with herself.

Amazon review by Aviva Gittle Publishing:
“I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book. I’m not a fan of “message” books as they tend to be preachy and don’t really tell a story. Lena isn’t telling a story, but sharing techniques to be present and aware of what is beautiful in the world. It’s a guide to happiness. I adore the illustrations. A great way to start a conversation with your child about joy, kindness, happiness, and self-love. I recommend just reading it. 🙂 ”
Lena’s Happiness Secret was written to enhance your child’s capacity to be in the present moment, to encourage her to be in touch with her senses and feelings, and to plant a seed to help her understand the world that surrounds her in the here and now.
The book can help your kid to become more focused, aware and patient.
The book ends with a visualization exercise that strengthens your child’s contact with herself and her surroundings. As a parent, you can do this visualization exercise while reading with your child.

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“Silly Jokes For Kids Volume 1: Funny Jokes For Kids Of All Ages!” by Grandpa John

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Your Favorite Grandpa Proudly Presents

Silly Jokes For Kids Volume 1!

A ton of jokes with accompanying pictures help keep the engagement joke after joke.
Your child will be sharing jokes with their friends in no time! (Will be making loads more also)

Guaranteed to give the parents a load of chuckles also as these jokes are extremely funny ( rather silly infact ).

​Good luck trying not to laugh!

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“You are a star” by Delaney Slaughter

You Are A Star is a fun book great for bedtime reading. Packed with information about the planets each page offers a fun fact about the planets in our solar system. Little astronauts will love to read this colorful planetary book.

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“The Heritage: The Legend of the American Eagle” by Dauren M. Asylgazy

The Heritage

Humanity’s connection with nature is dwindling. Long ago, people worked with nature for survival. One of the most majestic ways to hunt was with birds of prey.

Delve into an old Native American tale about the origin of hunting with these cunning birds. Discover the legend of a young hunter forced to improvise for survival and read how he creates a sacred bond with his eagle.

The tale will inspire you to reach out to nature again, and appreciate all it has to offer the mind and spirit and awaken your heart to true patriotism.

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“Mom the Monster Master” by Jason Miller

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With the flick of a switch and a blink of an eye, a day with mom goes from ordinary to extraordinary for a little boy… and his imagination!


“Visually-engaging” This is a fun little children’s book with lots of action in the illustrations. The book does a great job of capturing how the imagination of a child would look at the refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, or garbage disposal, and dream up monsters working inside!~James M. Taylor

“Short and sweet – the kids love it.” Such a cute story – the kids ask me to read it every night. My 6 year old is starting to read it to me too!~Christina Brinker

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“Funny Jokes For Kids” by Wendell Wilkins

Funny Jokes For Kids is filled with one liners that will have children bowling over with laughter. It is written for kids to enjoy a break from structured school readings. In other words,have some fun reading and laughing!

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The Angry Fire Breathing Shark That Saved The 12 Days Of Christmas” by Susan Summers

The Angry Fire Breathing Shark that Saved the 12 Days of Christmas is an exciting children book that every child should read and will enjoy. It is a fantasy story about the 10-year old Anna, and her experience in a family of mother, step-father and one younger brother. Anna stumbles on a glowing stone and a shark, and this experience alters her life as she soon realizes that she has been chosen to save the twelve days of Christmas. Although she does not at first believe in her calling, she soon finds herself filling her destiny, overcoming certain creatures for there to be a successful and peaceful Christmas.

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