With the creation of book clubs for adults, it’s no wonder that our children are wondering: “Where is our Book Club?”  But with homework, sports, and much more competing for your child’s time (and yours), the idea of setting aside a couple of hours every month to discuss books can be time consuming in itself. Consider this, that book clubs for kids can help you:

  • get closer to your child/ren
  • share different aspects of their life
  • expand your conversations beyond “How was school today?”
  • provide insight into your child’s life, their peers, and how they think

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Featured Books

Chef D-O-G” Brittany Haskins

Buddy the Dog wants to be a chef but is having a hard time becoming one because well, he’s a dog! This is the journey of a dog who perseveres, has ambition and overcomes obstacles.

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Only a woman can find the true meaning of life.

In this thoughtful and illuminating collection of essays, author Hemalatha Gnanasekar recalls the most consequential experiences of her life as a woman in India.

These 16 thought-provoking essays are drawn directly from her own life, but their universal themes will inspire people of all backgrounds to find the deeper meaning in their lives as well.

A chance meeting with a former teacher helped her understand that wrinkles and weight gain are a natural part of life.  A Hindu religious ceremony’s compelling feats of faith led her towards a greater relationship with God.  And an encounter with vagabond gypsies helped her understand the true power of health over materialism.

These and other life-changing stories are beautifully presented in this collection of life lessons. Told through the unique perspective of a woman in a society that still struggles with its treatment of them, these essays are full of hope, optimism and humor.  And while they may be read in a short amount of time…  their lessons will last forever.

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I Lost My Patience” by Swenny

I Lost My Patience is about a young boy that gets frustrated trying to do something. This delightful children’s book takes you on a journey to search for his patience. Before he realizes where to find his patience, we search through some the typical frustrations he faces every day.

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“Emily & The Red Balloon Club” by Guetty A. Stewart

Emily is an incredibly shy girl and making friends is not easy for her. Lucy, a charming bird, comes to her aid by showing Emily how she can make new friends if only she tried. She invites Emily to join The Red Balloon Club, at an enchanted place in a Garden where many other animals live. But before Emily can join the club, she must meet each member and befriend them. As Emily gets to know Leo, Ling and many other wonderous animals, she realizes that making friends is not as hard as she thinks!

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“Mack Attacks! Anemone & the Giant Wave: A Children’s Book About Conquering Fears” by Shelly Poole &  Don Patroll

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On a magical island where things come to life, all the children know that you don’t mess with Mack, the giant wave. Except for Anemone.

When she sees her older Sister and Brother getting along with Mack, Anemone has had enough. She decides to face up to the almighty Mack once and for all. In this heartwarming story of courage and perseverance in the face of the unknown, Anemone learns that Mack was never their enemy after all.

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Big Breed Big Heart” by Russell Chang

Providing our young people with the important message of compassion, empathy, and not judging by appearance. This book uses one of the most popular working breed dogs as an example of how the public will label an entire group of dogs before giving them a chance to just be a dog. The message is coupled with fun illustrations that are sure to keep the kids engaged.

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Sam and Sarah Go To the Lab” by Franchesca Kelly

A children’s book to help them understand the why behind and what to expect when visiting a medical laboratory for a venipuncture, blood draw. To eliminate the unknown and he’ll ease anxiety.

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“Fairyville Adventures: Tasha’s Wish Volume 1” by Simone Cannon

Would you like to be granted three wishes by a beautiful fairy? Most people would really enjoy such an opportunity. What would you wish for? Would you wish for a pony? Would you wish for a new bicycle? Or would you wish you never had a little brother?

Six year old Tasha is visited by Cleona, a fairy. Cleona grants Tasha three wishes. Tasha wishes she never had a little brother. But then she realizes that life as an only child is not what she really wants. Tasha confronts her emotions and feelings as she realizes that nothing is more important than family. Join Tasha in this unique fairy tale filled with fantasy, adventure and magic.

Fairyville Adventures: Tasha’s Wish contains 1,642 words and 24 beautiful color illustrations.

Simone Cannon created the Fairyville Adventures series with the intention of drawing children into a fantasy world while creating a love of reading. Each book in the series is fast paced and contains beautiful color illustrations.

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Self-Care, Self-Care, Everywhere, Everywhere…” by Naylani and Nayla Stokes 

“Self-Care, Self-Care, Everywhere, Everywhere…” This adorable journey written by two young sisters demonstrates fun things that children can do to take care of their minds and bodies. From children taking a moment to appreciate the fresh air, to using their wonderful imaginations, this clever, poetic book delivers. Children and adults alike can follow along with the rhythm of the words and think of ways to improve their own…self-care.

About the Authors:

Sisters Naylani and Nayla Stokes live in Buffalo, New York with their parents. They attend school and work together as a dynamic author team for their family publishing company, Stokes Media, LLC.

The sisters love hanging out watching movies, writing, art, and spending time with their parents. Despite their age gap, the girls are best friends.

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“Cricket and the Singing Frog Sisters” by Dana Lynn Andrews

These singing sisters love to sing about their favorite numbers, but they are not like most frogs. Cricket is very hungry and is about to learn their secret. Will they all become friends? Will Cricket be too afraid? This story has a big surprise!

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“Goosy from Goosenhagen and his friends: Bedtime Book for Good Night” by Lola Wunder

Are you searching for a book that can be interesting for both children and adults?

Great and warm story with fun adventures will make your child fall asleep fast.

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“The Royal Adventures of The White House” by JoAnn Taylor

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Explore the political world with Hailey as she learns to navigate the campaign trail to Washington, D.C. with her family. The Royal Adventures of The White House combines fiction with political drama that invites readers into the tour bus of hard work and humor. You can be sure that this political fiction will spark the imagination of young minds and future voters of the United States.

The Royal Adventures of The White House:

•is ideal for readers interested in the election process of the United States

•teaches political vocabulary and increases comprehension about U.S. presidential elections

•introduces the concept of the electoral college to young readers

•supplements the social studies curriculum that covers units such as elections, citizenship, branches of government, and much more

•exposes readers to political current events

•improves the reader’s knowledge of United States’ geography

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