With the creation of book clubs for adults, it’s no wonder that our children are wondering: “Where is our Book Club?”  But with homework, sports, and much more competing for your child’s time (and yours), the idea of setting aside a couple of hours every month to discuss books can be time consuming in itself. Consider this, that book clubs for kids can help you:

  • get closer to your child/ren
  • share different aspects of their life
  • expand your conversations beyond “How was school today?”
  • provide insight into your child’s life, their peers, and how they think

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Featured Books

“Life” by Yurie Tada

Do you find trouble with your life?
Do you know the actual meaning of life?
Do you need help to overcome your depression?
There are a lot of unanswered questions in your mind. Science and Philosophy may not always reveal them. Among all the questions, you may often feel, “What is life?”. What is the definition of life? What is love, affection, relationships, kinship, and so more?

This book is a masterpiece that answers questions that exist in your mind. She wrote this book because you need it.
Yurie Tada is a former nurse in Japan. Yurie was diagnosed as bipolar in her teens and overcame it. In 2019, Yurie was diagnosed with Leukemia and faced death. then, She came to know the preciousness of life.
Yurie tried to share her experience with much deeper thinking and philosophy.

The Life is a poetic essay book written in easy English. This book is readable for all ages. Both kids and adults will enjoy this writing. The book ‘Life’ will improve your thinking and personality. This will care about all your personal relationships. This book will let you go with your heart and helps to solve all disappointment. This is the ultimate goal of the book. Yurie’s ‘Life’ is a great asset and guide for your bright future.

Besides, The book is more charming and informed with Saki Yokoyama’s illustrations. All illustrations are perfectly polished with inner senses.

The ultimate goal of the book ‘Life’ is to make you think and rethink before taking any steps. This is a life-changing book.

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“Harry the Duck Got Stuck A Big Fat Virus Came and Made Him Stay” by Laura Cairns

Harry a young Duck anxious and concerned by a virus going around creating havoc is comforted, encouraged and guided by an unlikely group of friends leaving Harry feeling a lot less scared and far more prepared than he was before.

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“The tales of Ginji” by Frank Semwaiko

As the beautiful title suggests, the book contains kids amazing stories like; “The story of the ugly bird” and “The story of the perfect words for happiness.”
At the end of each story there is a perfect narration which enables the kids to better understand the incredible massage of the story.

Catchy tells with beautiful pictures and some smart characters including Ginji who is telling the stories with a powerful and electrical smile. Let’s read the stories and be forever smiling and smart kids.

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“Bella Hippos Can Dance” by Shiko J

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Looking for an engaging book to teach about tenacity and aspiration? Hippos Can Dance! is a well-illustrated and whimsical tale of Bella, the Hippo, who was told that hippos couldn’t dance. Will Bella prove them all wrong? Or will Bella’s two left feet defeat her? Hippos Can Dance! is a story of perseverance and inspiration, teaching every little girl that anything is possible when they put their minds to it.

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This great coloring book from NZ Colors has 45 beautiful unique designs including magical unicorns, beautiful princesses and gorgeous mermaids, and much more. It provides hours of fun, calm, relaxation, and stress relief.

Perfect for unleashing kid’s creativity and inner artist.

Your kids will love it.

This coloring book offers:

– Simple and easy Designs that are Great for kids and beginners.
– Beautiful Artwork and Designs.
– High-Resolution Printing.
– Single-sided Pages.

This Coloring book makes a wonderful gift for boys and girls who loves unicorns, mermaids, and princesses.

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“Marty: The Completely Unexpected, Absolutely Dangerous, and Rather Fun Adventure.” by E.W. Choate Jr.

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Small Heroes ~ Big Adventure! Marty is destined to become a Family Favorite.

Marty knew it was going to be a strange morning. But she had no idea that her life was about to change forever—or possibly end. As her troubles compound, Marty learns the Castle of Light has fallen to a rogue Blue Witch and her monstrous Lutabeast army. With everyone’s fate hanging in the balance, Marty is thrust into an unexpected and dangerous adventure.
Her only companion? Roger Ruzo—the unlikeliest of friends.

Only one thing’s for sure. If she can’t overcome her fears and learn to believe in herself, then it’ll all be for nothing. She’ll surely fall to the perils and doubt that taunt her and Ruzo along their journey.

The first book in the Marty series, Marty is the classic family book that’s entertaining for all ages. Join Marty and Ruzo on an adventure that will tickle the funny bone, tug at the heartstrings and spark the imagination.

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“Goosy from Goosenhagen and his friends: Bedtime Book for Good Night” by Lola Wunder

Are you searching for a book that can be interesting for both children and adults?

Great and warm story with fun adventures will make your child fall asleep fast.

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“The Royal Adventures of The White House” by JoAnn Taylor

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Explore the political world with Hailey as she learns to navigate the campaign trail to Washington, D.C. with her family. The Royal Adventures of The White House combines fiction with political drama that invites readers into the tour bus of hard work and humor. You can be sure that this political fiction will spark the imagination of young minds and future voters of the United States.

The Royal Adventures of The White House:

•is ideal for readers interested in the election process of the United States

•teaches political vocabulary and increases comprehension about U.S. presidential elections

•introduces the concept of the electoral college to young readers

•supplements the social studies curriculum that covers units such as elections, citizenship, branches of government, and much more

•exposes readers to political current events

•improves the reader’s knowledge of United States’ geography

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