With the creation of book clubs for adults, it’s no wonder that our children are wondering: “Where is our Book Club?”  But with homework, sports, and much more competing for your child’s time (and yours), the idea of setting aside a couple of hours every month to discuss books can be time consuming in itself. Consider this, that book clubs for kids can help you:

  • get closer to your child/ren
  • share different aspects of their life
  • expand your conversations beyond “How was school today?”
  • provide insight into your child’s life, their peers, and how they think

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Featured Books

“Yani The Unicorn And The Day Mommy Went To The Moon” by Belle Brown

Yani the Unicorn loves life. She loves her mommy. She loves things just the way they are. But when she wakes up one morning and she realizes that her mommy has gone to the moon to use her healing powers and help the sick moon rabbit, Yani feels anxious and afraid. That means she has to spend that day all alone for the first time. She doesn’t want to get up. Why would she? She would sleep all day until her mommy comes back.

Follow this heart-warming tale that celebrates the special bond between a loving mother and her adoring child. Explore the emotions that children feel when dealing with separation anxiety and discover how open communication, deep familial bonds, and a child’s sense of security can make all the difference in the world to them.

This bedtime book is perfect for working parents and families. It’s written in an easy-to-read format with pictures and images that will capture a child’s imagination and invite them to share their feelings and reassure them they are loved, even when mommy goes to work.

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Kay and Kai’s Kaleidoscopic Adventures” by Brenell Ferguson-Saunders

Kool, Kolors of Kreativity when learning science! In the Kaleidoscopic Adventure Series, siblings Kay and Kai explore the magnificent natural world around them, while learning about science. In these short stories the siblings chronicle journeys of investigation and exploration. Learning through reading has never been more fun! From learning about plants and animals, to the sun and moon, there is always something new to discover. For Kay and Kai the adventures are just beginning! Will you join them?

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“Kids Workbook 2” by Talented Tinies

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Kids Workbooks are a series of 3 different workbooks designed to equip little ones with vitally necessary skills during early childhood development, as well as encourage creativity. There is a jumbo amount of 200 pages per book!
These books cover a range of important skills necessary, including:
Shape recognition and awareness
Number learning and writing
Alphabet learning and writing
Basic word recognition and writing
Basic math concepts
English for kindergarten and Grades 1&2
Matching objects and names
Various mazes, dot-to-dot and hand-eye co-ordination activities
Certificate of Completion at the end of each book!

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“Around the World with Unicorns: A Fun Coloring and Activity” by Blue Pencil

Do you have kids and want to help train their imagination to think fast and smart with a simple yet powerful book?

Are you looking for an entertaining yet fun way to teach your kids about places and landmarks of the world?

Do you want to occupy your children with a book that buys their attention for hours and gives you the freedom to spend time with them as a family?

Then worry no more. This book guarantees hours of fun for your kids! Filled with beautiful coloring pages, crosswords, matching objects, and word searches, this children’s book follows the unicorns to different places as he is on a quest to discover the landmarks and where they are in the earth.

For a perfect family bonding time or travel, this book is what you need. This book will make a great light-hearted fun tool for older kids and a nice way to stretch the minds of the younger ones. Waste no time, scroll up, buy it as a gift for your kids, or share it with friends.

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Little One Wants a Little More” by Sagi Naimi

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‘Little One Wants a Little More’ was inspired by the famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, which showed that children who learn gratification strategies are better able to cope with life’s challenges as adults.

‘How can we raise children who are better able to tackle life’s challenges?’

According to Walter Mischel’s book ‘The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control’: acquiring delayed gratification skills in childhood can predict a person’s future success. And anyone can develop these skills.

Which would you choose?

Is it better to eat a yummy treat now or wait two hours and get twice as much? Emma has to find out when her mum sets her a chocolate bar challenge.

Young readers will relate to this fun and accessible story of a girl learning impulse control through play.

‘Little One Wants a Little More’ is a wonderful picture book that explains gratification strategies to children.

Let it be an enjoyable lesson for your little one.

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Nia The Narwhal Explores The Christmas Ocean” by Belle Brown

“Nia the Narwhal loves to swim. She could swim all day. She shakes her fins. She wiggles her tail. Look! There she goes!”

As the cold season creeps in, Nia the narwhal is feeling the festive cheer. But why? Well, Nia loves this time of year because she can visit the beautiful coral reef – the bright and vivid colors make it look like a “Christmas ocean” all year round.

Along the way, Nia meets up with her amazing friends, including a starfish, an electric ray, a dogfish shark and even a saltwater catfish! They all exchange Christmas gifts, and Nia is so thankful to have such incredible friends.

Enjoy the beauty of the “Christmas ocean” with stunning, colorful illustrations in this children’s picture book, while teaching your children about coral reefs. You’re never too young or too old to learn about the importance of ocean health!

The bouncy and fun story will keep your little ones engaged and they won’t even realize they are learning! This makes it perfect for story time or even bedtime reading.

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“Goosy from Goosenhagen and his friends: Bedtime Book for Good Night” by Lola Wunder

Are you searching for a book that can be interesting for both children and adults?

Great and warm story with fun adventures will make your child fall asleep fast.

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“The Royal Adventures of The White House” by JoAnn Taylor

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Explore the political world with Hailey as she learns to navigate the campaign trail to Washington, D.C. with her family. The Royal Adventures of The White House combines fiction with political drama that invites readers into the tour bus of hard work and humor. You can be sure that this political fiction will spark the imagination of young minds and future voters of the United States.

The Royal Adventures of The White House:

•is ideal for readers interested in the election process of the United States

•teaches political vocabulary and increases comprehension about U.S. presidential elections

•introduces the concept of the electoral college to young readers

•supplements the social studies curriculum that covers units such as elections, citizenship, branches of government, and much more

•exposes readers to political current events

•improves the reader’s knowledge of United States’ geography

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